What  is  a  Candid  Photograph?

Candid photographs, as such, are photos captured without the prior knowledge of the subject. The subject of the photograph should not know that you are planning to take pictures, and should not be disturbed by the act of taking the photo. The key is that candid photographs are not posed.

Why should or would anyone take candid photos? Well, that should be obvious. A candid photo is “natural,” without the fake smiles, stilted body language, and the “trying to look good” that happen when a subject knows that he or she is being photographed. A candid photograph captures people at ease, having fun, and most importantly, being themselves.

The actual beauty lies in the naturally captured poses and we, at Snapway, have mastered the art of candid wedding photography. As the best candid wedding photographers in haryana, Snapway goes out all the way to make your big day even more special. Whether it is the flowing string of vibrant flowers, the brightly shimmering lights or the symmetrical line of decoration on the venue, our photographers ensure that every moment and sight that you may miss on that day is preserved for you by us. Every time that you flick open your wedding album or wedding films created by us, we wish to bring back the magic of that day for those few moments, as if you were present there again.


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